echinacea with butterfly“I have been a client of Shannon’s for over 3 years and fly up to Queensland at least 4 times a year for private consultations with her. She has helped me enormously in the areas of sleep improvement and digestion issues. The live blood analysis and iridology components of her practice are particularly helpful and enlightening. Shannon always has a happy and pleasant manner and knows exactly how to make me feel at ease and encourages me to take breaks from supplements when she feels I need a break. As a result of her keen diagnostic and instinctive skills, Shannon has really helped me to better and more vital health and a better quality of life.”

Jasmine Dindas, Victoria


“I found Shannon’s health sessions to be incredibly informative, scientific and evidence based. She addresses the impact of stress and unbalanced diet on health / hormones / energy level etc., in a comprehensive way. Within a month of applying the principles taught, I feel better, more energetic and there is evidence that my hormones are healthier (e.g. went from an irregular cycle to a regualr one). I recommend Shannon’s health sessions to both my unwell and relatively healthy friends, there’s information to benefit all.”

Lydia Trifunov, Gold Coast

“Thank you so much for helping me get my health back to functioning at 100%. After years of endless specialist visits to treat Fibromyalgia, your Physiospect technology and your incredible naturopath ability has helped my body become pain free once again. I no longer suffer from continual pain, fatigue, ‘brain fog’ and all the other endless symptoms of Fibromyalgia. Instead, my energy levels are back to normal and I simply feel 10 years younger. Thanks Shannon, you really have helped me turn my life around.”

Karen Isitt, Gold Coast