cloudsEach living thing represents a field of information. This means that every organ, every tissue, every cell, every gene, molecule and atom has a unique electromagnetic frequency pattern.

We usually observe only the matter, since we can see and touch it. More important however are its energies that hold the matter together and determine its structures.

 Carlo Rubbia, Nobel prize in Physics 1984

The Physiospect device is a bio-energetic  therapy.

The essentials in short

  1. It defines causes and connections of a disorder on a bio-energetic level and differentiates them

  2. It reproduces the bio-energetic status of all organs and tissues down to cellular and molecular level

  3. Given that you are replacing around 300 million cells every minute based on the energetic integrity of your blueprint… it is a tool which allows us to see any disease process forming without having to wait for physical pain and dysfunction to get your attention..!!

  4. Determines the frequency pattern of any body system, organ or tissue as it experiences a load or stress. The healthier the area being investigated the more stable its frequency pattern is.

How Physiospect works

Physiospect searches through specially-built earphones containing a highly sensible sensor, the frequency pattern through the brain; it works similar to a radio that searches for broadcasting transmitters. The device recognizes the oscillation pattern of a specific health condition with the help of software comparing them with a very complete database.

Origins of Physiospect

Physiospect originates from Russian spatial research and has been applied with success in Russian hospitals for 15 years.

According to the principle of coherence and interference, initial signals are brought to the body and via the non linear analysis (NLS) the difference between the input and output signals are evaluated comparing them with a database. At the Institute of Applied Psychophysics a method was developed for the spectral analysis of potential vortex fields from biological systems. Physiospect is a physics measuring device that originates from this research and measures the electro-magnetic changes through a spin of electrons in the body.

How You Benefit

  1. Insight into your Health: Physiospect allows you to take a more active role in your health and well-being

  2. Evaluates which action to be taken to avoid an unhealthy situation

  3. Corrects energetic imbalances

  4. Increase energy and supports the body’s capacity of self healing

  5. Defects in the organs can be corrected, there and then, using frequencies stored in the computer